Sludge Dewatering Technology

A significant problem in the management and treatment of sewage is the dewatering and disposal of sludge.

The quantity of wastewater sludge generated will increase significantly in the coming years.

The management of wastewater sludge poses economic, planning and environmental challenges.

A Green Solution To Sustainable Sewage Treatment.

Premier Base

Two units in parallel in a 650PE WWTP

In accordance with the waste hierarchy, the minimisation of sludge is the next most preferred waste solution after prevention.

There is potential to reduce the volume of both municipal and industrial sludge for transport by 70% to 80% by optimising sludge thickening. Traditional sludge dewatering techniques has a relatively high operational cost due to the labour, power, machinery, chemicals and capital maintenance requirements. In addition transportation is a significant part of sludge management in terms of environmental impacts and cost.


Premier Base has developed an innovative approach to dewatering municipal wastewater sludge that involves no energy consumption and no added chemicals. The product receives secondary sewage with a concentration in the range of 0.8% to 1% dry solids and dewaters it to a concentration in the range of 7% to 10%. The product operates successfully in both municipal and industrial settings.

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