Green Sludge Processing Technology

Our patented system (Green Sludge Drying) can thicken and dry sludge in one step without the use of chemicals or power. The technology involves Dry Solids rising to the top of each unit, which is inverse to other technologies. The only power required is for ancillary units such as odour control and sludge disposal (scrapers and conveyor). The system is tried and tested and is successfully operating in various locations in the Republic of Ireland.

How Do We Compare

The system has a distinct advantage over conventional dryers and dewatering processes. Waste Activated Sludge can be taken directly from a Sludge Holding Tank at 1% bypassing the need for Filter Belt Presses and achieve a targeted dry solid content of up to 80% depending on climatic conditions. Bypassing these processes means substantial cost savings along with the fact that polymer or any other chemicals are not required. In addition, our Green Sludge Drying Technology offers numerous advantages compared to conventional thickening and drying systems. See the below Table.

Direct or Convection Dryers Green Sludge Technology
Operating Cost Very High (see below) Low (see below)
Use of Chemicals Yes No
Use of Electrical Power Up to 11,500 KWH/D Only 240 KWH/D
Cost of O&M (chemicals plus electricity or diesel) Above OMR 300 per day Below OMR 5 per day
Standby Provision NO (unless Duty/Standby Dryers are offered which doubles Capex) YES (units can be configured to provide operational flexibility)
Space Requirements Medium / High (solar option) Low
Operator Skill Needs trained skilled operators Needs trained but unskilled operators
Building Requirement Yes No
Noise Yes, can be higher than 85 db Little or no noise
Solar PV No Yes
Maintenance Requirements High Low
This is an example of a system consisting of 6 modules

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